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5 Top Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

Have you ever driven by a house that stopped you in your tracks? You know, the one in the fancy neighborhood, probably has a gated entryway and perfectly manicured lawn? Next time you drive by that house, stop and look. I guarantee you that house has curb appeal. I also guarantee you that aside from the size of the house, what pulls you in is actually the curb appeal.

Here are my top 5 tips (+ a Pinterest board full of ideas!) for you get that show stopping home exterior you’ve always wanted.

1. Update Your Landscaping

To begin, make sure your yard is free of debris. In addition, a full spring or fall clean up and a manicured lawn can go a long way. Other ways to update your landscaping include:

  • Add planters
  • Add symmetry where you can
  • Update your walkway (new grouting, a unique pattern, etc)
  • Add green shrubbery in varying heights
  • Use bright colored flowers
  • Create a unique border around the garden area
  • Add lighting whether it’s lining the walkway or uplighting the house
  • Update mulch in the garden area
  • Trim down over grown trees
  • Remove any trees that are close to the house

PRO TIP: Ask your landscaper to edge the perimeter of your yard and along the driveway for clean lines.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Every client I’ve had asks for the same thing: a warm and inviting home. What could be a better way then to add a welcoming area with some outdoor furniture! A simple bench in the garden, a porch swing, or outdoor seating area invites guests for a place to sit. Despite it being outdoors, this will show visitors that you care about their comfort.

3. Upgrade the Exterior

Check the condition of your home’s exterior. Start by having your home power washed even if it already looks clean. Things like pollen can cling to the siding but isn’t as obvious as moss. First, a deep cleaning of your home exteriors will give it an instant facelift. Secondly, it’ll allow you to see the true condition of the home. Then step back and ask yourself:

  • Does the siding need a fresh coat of paint?
  • Are your shutters in good condition?
  • Does your home not have shutters but should?
  • Has your roof been pressure treated lately?
  • Are there any other eye sores you notice?

Work to clean up your home’s exterior will add to the longevity and value of your home.

4. Add a Pop of Color

Go bold! Paint your front door a pop of color. This is the one area that will add instant curb appeal without spending a ton of money. Truth be told, it should be one of the first things on your list.

5. Add Charm & Character

There are so many ways to add charm and character to a house. Even an ultra-modern modular home can have an abundance of curb appeal with some minor tweaks:

  • Update street numbers
  • Give your mailbox a refresh
  • Update front porch lighting
  • Replace the front door knob with a statement piece
  • Add a beautiful wreath on the front door
  • Add a welcome mat

I hope this article has given you some great ideas to add curb appeal to your home. If you’re looking for more free ideas check out the link below!

Click Here to view a Pinterest board full of ideas!

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