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The Affordable Master Retreat of Your Dreams in 10 Simple Steps

Create the The Affordable Master Retreat of Your Dreams in 10 Simple Steps. I don’t know about you but I know I want a space away that is just mine. Away from the mess, chaos, children, etc. A place where I can sleep peacefully and dream soundly. To help you achieve this, I’ve create these simple steps so you can have your own oasis as well.

1. Pick high end bed linens

Did you know you spend a third of your day in bed? Choose a high-end linen sheet with a high thread count of more than 365.

2. Bring in fresh flowers

Nature increases our mood while decreasing anxiety and the symptoms of depression. Add a vase to your room and make a habit of arranging freshly picked flowers from your garden You can also consider adding a live plant in the room. Not only will it look good, but it will also clean the room air from harmful toxins.

Master Retreat of Your Dreams

3. Add window treatments

Decorating windows has always been an integral part of home
improvement. One of the most important windows decor items is
curtains and draperies, which are sure to create stylish interiors.
They also serve a purpose. Harmful UV rays can damage your
artwork, ruin flooring, and cause color fading to your furniture.

4. Add nightstand decor

Start by placing lamps on either nightstand that are between 24 to 27 inches tall. To quickly deteremine the proper size, the bottom of the lampshade should fall at your shoulder. To create a layered space, consider stacking three book sna dplace a smaller item on top. Add a stunnning mirror or piece of art to create that “full” look.

How to Style a Bedside Table

5. Add a large area rug

Bare floors make the room seem cold and furniture floating. Anchor your room with an area rug. You can use a neutral color rug to add to the softness of the room or can choose one with vibrant colors to make any color in your theme pop up. Not sure how to select the right size? Take a look at this handy guide.

6. Create a seating area

Place a comfortable sofa or two accent chairs if you’re short on space to make a small seating area in your bedroom. This is a great way to add comfort to further enhance the ‘retreat’ feel.

Horton Interios February 2020 8

7. Furnish the end of the bed

Furnishing the end of the bed gives you extra storage space while giving you a place to sit. Consider the rule of 2⁄3’s when selecting the appropriate size. Take the width of the bed, divide that by 3, and then multiple by two.
This is how long the bench or storage should be. Small size storage
makes the room look disproportionate while a large object can be an
unnecessary focal point and an eyesore.

Horton Interios February 2020 2

8. Add pattern

Simple colors make the room look like it’s lacking personality. Add a pattern in the room to add some umph! You can use patterns in your rugs, beddings, window treatment.

9. Create a focal point

Create a focal point in your room by painting one wall with different color or adding wallpaper. Don’t forget about the fifth wall (your ceiling!) This is a great place to create a unique look. Try some woodwork for a 3D effect. Pick one and go for it!

10. Add different types of lighting

Create a unique atmosphere by improving the lighting in your room. Lights too bright are harsh on the eyes and show imperfections in the room and lights that are too soft create a romantic feel where visibility is an issue. Lights with a warm yellow color can also make a space look dingy and outdated. Consider what mood you want to set. If you’re wanting a romantic look, add a chandelier and candles within the decor. If you want light and bright, opt for a soft white LED bulb in the table lamps and ceiling light.

I hope this guide has helped give you ideas to create the The Affordable Master Retreat of Your Dreams!

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