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Sample Interior Decorating Questionnaire: How to be Prepared for Your Consultation

New to Interior Decorating? Are you someone whose been in the industry for years and is looking to revamp your questionnaire? A homeowner looking for questions asked in a consultation? We have you covered! No more endless searching. In this article you’ll find a Sample Interior Decorating Questionnaire used by KH Home Design and Furnishings for all of our consultations.

Interior Decorating Consultation: 3 Steps to Being Fully Prepared

Let me put your mind at ease now, this is why I’m here and why I created KH Home Design and Furnishings! Because let’s face it: If your house was in perfect condition, you wouldn’t need an Interior Decorating Consult. In fact, your house being in the condition it is allows us the foundation to make it into your dream home!

Interior Design Inquiry