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About Us

At the heart of our work is the commitment to helping professional families shape modern living spaces that exude character and charm

The Connecticut designer serves as principal of KH Home Designs, where she balances client personality and usability, helping homeowners transcend barriers to expressing their individuality through their homes.



World traveler, serious foodie, twin momma, workaholic and principal designer.

When I think of home, I think of gathering at my grandparent’s house on the water, door open with a fresh sea breeze coming through, Italian music playing in background and the aroma of my grandma’s famous Sunday sauce cooking in the background.


I think of my grandfather, a first generation Italian immigrant and self-made man who fiercely instilled a no nonsense, hardworking and entrepreneurial mindset in me from a young age tending to his garden of beautiful roses and fresh herbs.


But I also think of buying a fixer upper when I was pregnant with my twins, out of a desperate need for larger space on a timeline. The pitter patter of little feet were drowned out in a dysfunctional home that made living just difficult. Conquering a whole-home renovation with one year olds wasn’t fun but it was through that process that I developed my love of Interior Design, honed in on my ability to foresee future needs that allowed this to be our forever home, and learned the ups and downs of living through construction.


Between my grandfather’s spirit, my desire to curate a life for my children where ease was at forefront, and my drive to roll up my sleeves and help others, the idea of my own entrepreneurial journey was born.


For me, designing isn’t just about functional spaces. It’s intentionally crafting spaces that cultivate family memories, drawing from the warmth and joy I experienced during my own renovation. My design philosophy blends modern furnishings, earthy color palettes, diverse textures, and natural materials to create comfort and a sense of togetherness in your home.

Outside the studio, you can find me...


Trying new restaurants in CT


traveling the world


Spending time with my loves


Decompressing with a book


Partaking in radical self-care


Hunting for the best sourdough, chai or macarons!

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